1&1 web hosting

What is a web hosting company?

If you are thinking of setting up your own website then you are going to need to sign up with a web hosting company. A web hosting company provides the infrastructure to make your website accessible for the world to see via their web browser. They have lots of computers called servers which contain all of your website files. Web hosting companies also often manage the domain names and emails as well.

So when someone enters www.yourbrandnewwebsite.com into their browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari) they are essentially connecting to the web hosting company you choose to host your website. The web hosting company then returns all the necessary files back to the user’s browser so they can view the website. If you send an email to info@yourbrandnewwebsite.com then again the web hosting company handles the email and sends it to your email program such as Outlook.

Web hosting companies provide their customers with a full range of tools to enable them to manage their websites. A very popular control panel is called the cPanel and it will enable you to manage your domain names, setup email addresses, install WordPress and other Content Management Systems and a lot lot more.

Who is 1&1

1&1 are a very large web hosting company based in Germany with offices around the world.  We use them to host www.maidenheadcs.co.uk. Their prices are very competitive and their user interface is easy to navigate which makes managing domains and my account very easy.


Which package to go for

1&1, like all web hosting companies, offer a wide range of products. If you want to setup a WordPress website then we recommend you go for the Plus package on their Linux hosting platform.