Emails are vital for communicating with customers today. We think your email address represents your organisation and therefore recommend you have a professional email address. For example, which of the email addresses below looks more professional to you?

We hope you agree that the second option is better and more professional. If you agree we can help you setup email addresses. There are essentially 2 options for getting a professional email address:

  • Email with your web hosting pacakge
  • Microsoft Exchange Online

Web hosting email packages

All web hosting companies such as 1&1 and Go Daddy provide email services with their domains. You can then setup Outlook or other email programs such as Apple Mail to read and write emails. It is also possible to setup email on your smartphone and tablet and have everything synchronised.

Microsoft Exchange Online

For a more robust and reliable email service we recommend that you use Microsoft Exchange Online. The cost is around £3 per month and our personal experience is that you get less spam and emails are more less likely to end up in your recipients spam mailbox.

Setting up email accounts

Whichever option you choose we can setup as many email accounts as you need. For example, you might want the following:


We charge £40 per hour to setup email accounts. A basic setup with a few email addresses will probably cost around £120.