If you live in Maidenhead or the surrounding area and your desktop computer needs repairing then give us a call to find out how we can help. We can come to your home or business to repair your computer.

Some of the things that go wrong with desktop computers and which we can fix are:

Power supplies

If your computer won’t even turn on then the power supply is probably the likely culprit. We can test the power supply to see if it’s working properly on all the voltage rails. If not then we can fit a new one.


Prices start at £75 for supplying and fitting a new power supply.

repair computer power supply

Network cards

When the internet stops working one cause might be the physical network port on the back of your computer. Of course we would make sure that it isn’t a Windows problem first of all.


Prices start at £60 for supplying and fitting a new network card.


RAM defects can manifest in many symptoms. Testing can be done and replacement modules fitted. Adding more memory is also a great way to improve the performance of your PC.

computer repair


Prices start at £60 for supplying and fitting new RAM.

Computer fans

Is your computer really noisy? If so then the fans could be wearing out and need replacement. Even just a good clean can improve the efficiency of the fan.


Prices start at £40 for cleaning existing fans and £55 for supplying and fitting new fans.

BIOS batteries

If your computer doesn’t tell keep the right time then the battery on the motherboard needs replacing.


Prices start at £40 for supplying and fitting new batteries.

Hard disks

All hard disks will eventually fail. Generally they last many years without fault but sometimes they suddenly fail. Usually we are able to recover the data but if not then we can recommend specialist hard disk recovery companies who can.


Prices start at £40 for data recovery and £90 for supplying an fitting new hard drives.

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